The Cuban High East is a touristic region identified, among other values, by the international song Guantanamera, composed by Cuban Joseíto Fernández. Guantánamo has a large pocket bay, where the illegal U.S. Naval Base stands, and another smaller bay along which the first village was founded in Cuba, with great natural endemism of historical and cultural wealth. In its territory there are three sites recognized as World Heritage: Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, the center of the Biosphere Reserve Cuchillas del Toa, the French tombFrench tombFrench Tumba and the French Coffee Plantations.

Guantanamo means ¨land between rivers¨, in aborigine tongue. It was founded in 1797 and reaches its peak of development from the influence of French immigrants from Haiti. It also gives shelter to the Stone Zoo, unique of its type worldwide, and Los Monitongos, mountains with different shapes, similar to animals and other objects.

Along the south coast lies the Cuban semidesert that leads to the viaduct La Farola, serpenting road between mountains heading to the Primatial City of Cuba, Nuestra Señora de La Asunción de Baracoa, founded in 1511. It is also known as the Landscape City of Cuba, for its exuberant vegetation, virgin forests of high biodiversity, the polymita picta, the most beautiful mollusk in the world, and other very endemic species.

Its authenticity lies in its typical products based on cocoa and coconut, its legendary rivers and the preservation of its traditions and indigenous dances, among which stands out the Nengón and the Kiribá.

The land of lasting authenticity stands out for its cultural diversity, developed from the most diverse popular expressions in events like the Feast to the Guantanamera, Feast of Waters  and the Changüí Festival. It has facilities for the enjoyment of ecotourism, excursions, as well as the discovery of its welcoming people.



Guantanamo has several tourist attractions that combine nature, architecture, gastronomy, culture, theater and art; the possibilities are endless. Do not forget to ask about the tours that offers to visit the main points of the city and the outdoor excursions to go to the natural wonders that this destination hosts.