In the southeast region of Cuba is located Granma, a province that blends the best of the American, European and African cultures. Always fascinating, with cities dressed with eclectic, Art Nouveau and Art Deco-Style buildings, exuberant nature and a capital city (Bayamo) that is considered the Birthplace of the Cuban Nationality.

The history of Granma is distinguished by its patriotism. The burning of Bayamo in January 12, 1869, is one of the most important events, not only in Granma but in the entire island because it shows the love of the Cuban people for their land: before surrendering and giving the city to the Spanish colonial army, the bayameses decided to burn it down. To remember this historical event, each January 12 the people celebrate the Heroic Burning of Bayamo at the Plaza del Himno in Bayamo, Granma.

In the map of Granma, the Sierra Maestra majestically rises, occupying a third part of the entire territory. The most important rivers emerge from it and excursions around this mountain range are among the top tourist attractions of Granma; the Desembarco del Granma National Park has an important history and over 60 of explorable caves and caverns, a treasure that earned it the recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Last but not least, the Turquino National Park is where Cuba’s tallest peak is, the Pico Real del Turquino, which you can explore through one of the many tours and excursions of the area. 

To arrive in the Province of Granma you can use the omnibus station or arrive by plane at the Sierra Maestra International Airport or at the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes National Airport. The tropical climate of Granma is ideal for visiting the province at any time of the year; warm temperatures that vary depending on the area, fresher in the mountains and the tallest part of the Sierra Maestra and warmer in the Cauto Valley make Granma a destination to explore regardless the season.


Discovering Granma is a fascinating experience. Its huge historical and cultural patrimony, along with a big tourist vocation enriched by the services of travel agencies, hotels and lodging options for every budget and restaurants with traditional Cuban food and international cuisine is within the world travelers’ reach that want to discover a piece of the history of Cuba.