Communications in Camagüey, Cuba


To call Camagüey from the outside of Cuba you must press the digits 53 and then the desired number. If you are in Cuba but in another province, just dial the number in question. The numbering in Camagüey always starts in 32 accompanied by another six digits.

In the offices of the telephone company (ETECSA), you can access the Internet and buy cards for wireless access. The places with wireless access (wi-fi) in the historic center of Camagüey are the squares of La Soledad and Los Trabajadores, El Legendario store, Santa Cecilia congress center, the Paseo Tecnológico , as well as the Agramonte and Parque del Amor parks. It can also be accessed from the cinematic themed promenade on Ignacio Agramonte Street (Callejón de los Milagros). All hotels have Wi-Fi enabled via local servers.

If you wish, you can hire a new service, Cubacel Tur, which consists of the online purchase of a temporary mobile line that includes the following basic offer: 1GB + 20 MIN + 20 SMS. The service is designed for foreign tourists visiting the island for a short period of time. This service can be purchased only on the International Seller Website:

If you need to navigate from a PC, buy a telephone equipment or accessory, you should go to the commercial offices of the telephone company called Telepuntos. In the tourist areas of Camagüey they are located at the following addresses:

Centro Multiservicios Santa Lucía

Avenida Turística. Playa Santa Lucía
Tel.(53) 32365434

Oficina Comercial Móvil

Avellaneda No. 282. Camagüey
Tel.(53) 32271635

Centro Multiservicios Ignacio Agramonte

Ignacio Agramonte No.442. Camagüey
Tel.(53) 32294027

Telepunto Camagüey

República No.453. Camagüey
Tel.(53) 32280944