The National Fair of Popular Art, an event that becomes the space, where popular makers can show their work and discuss the impact on the Cuban population, has been held in Avilanian lands for more than 30 years. Since 1999, the Avilanian province has been the permanent host in recognition of the sustained work of rescuing its traditions.
During the National Fair of Popular Art, academic spaces, intellectuals, bearers, instructors, officials and cultural promoters meet, in order to strengthen our cultural identity through the expressions that have been forged from all over the world for more than 15 years. 500 years.

Jamaican Fiesta August 1st. In the municipality of Baraguá, on August 1 of each year the largest festival in the community is celebrated, it is known for the Jamaican festival, it really is the celebration of the abolition of slavery in the English-speaking islands of the Caribbean.
Delighted by the music of the Calipso Boys and the dance group La Cinta dressed in bright colors, the rhythm is contagious and the vitality is translated into pelvic movements, the faces breathe the joy of the sun in these dances that emphasize the skill of the dancers.