Legendary Camagüey

History of Camagüey, Cuba

The history of Camagüey is very rich; this region has made many contributions to the country´s heritage since, among other aspects to highlight, is one of the first seven Cuban villages, founded in 1514 in a coastal town with the original name of Santa María del Puerto del Principe. Eventually it was reduced to Puerto Príncipe.

Camagüey, aboriginal term which means son of the Camagua tree, has been its official name since 1903. Four Cuban Constitutional Assemblies have taken place in Camagüey. The first of all, on April 10, 1869, in the town of Guáimaro, served to approve and put into practice the first Cuban Constitution. The second was held in the fields of Jimaguayú, in 1895; the third one was celebrated in La Yaya, in 1897 and finally, in 2019, precisely 150 years after the first one, Guáimaro was the place where the four was signed. Keep reading if you want to know a little bit more about the fascinating history of this province. Read more...