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Cuba reaches three million international visitors

publié 2019-08-20 par Norlan Echevarria

Cuba reaches the figure of three million foreign visitors this August 15th. Cuba gets this outcome despite the defamatory campaigns organized and headed by the USA government in order to stall the tourist flow to the island.

Arrival of tourist to the largest of the Antilles

Likewise, Cuba shows the trustiness and prestige achieved by its national travel sector internationally as well as a destination that offers safety and quality to visitors.

Cuba offers security to those who come to visit it.

Canada keeps as the main tourists issuing market to the island followed by the European markets. Russia outstands for having the fastest growing rate, with great development perspectives for the forthcoming seasons.

Cuba, a safe destination to enjoy the most.

Once again Cuba ratifies as an important travel destination in the Caribbean because of it nature, heritage, culture, safety and its people’s hospitality.

Source: Escambray/Mintur newspaper

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