Ciego de Avila province has one of the most important tourist centers of the island, Jardines del Rey, excellent tropical climate allows the enjoyment of its calm Caribbean beaches almost all year round; These are the favorites of the tourists who enjoy in family for the security that present their isolation and its shallow waters.

Jardines del Rey has the resources it needs to be in balance with the natural environment and offers enormous potential for ecotourism, with beautiful seabed, peculiar bird species, unique natural formations and a whole natural universe of color, becomes a Natural aquarium that you can observe with activities like snorkeling or diving.

A rich immaterial heritage born of the fusion of Hispanic elements and those contributed by immigrants from different areas of the Caribbean, you can find it by visiting us. Every month diverse cultural manifestations arrive at local public and tourist. The city of the portals, as Ciego de Ávila is also known, preserves neoclassical architecture in its most emblematic buildings, including the Teatro Principal and the Catholic Cathedral, which are of architectural and historical interest.

Ciego de Ávila has its own "Jardines del Rey" International Airport, as well as a railway terminal that allows trains to be taken to almost all the provinces of the country along the central line. There are several hotel facilities, for all types of budget in the paradise Jardines del Rey; While in the cities of Morón and Ciego de Avila you can stay in private homes, which allows you to fully enjoy all the cultural, natural and gastronomic offerings that this destination offers you.


Ciego de Avila has a wide cultural heritage available to any visitor. It has several dance companies and theater groups with monthly presentations. In addition to it, has some activities prepared in institutions like museums, libraries, art galleries and cultural centers throughout the entire province. If your thing is to explore, in every hotel in Jardines del Rey there are tourist bureaus in which you can choose a tour, either city tours or by the natural beauties of the region.