Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Where can I find tourist information about Cuba?
  • We put at your disposal We offer you  our network of INFOTUR Tourist Information Centers located throughout the national territory:  in the main cities, airports and transportat terminals of tourist destinations.
    Our  network of INFOTUR Tourist Information Centers put at your disposal: 
    •    Useful information about  Cuba, according to your needs.. 
    •    Free  printed  and digital materials, will help you choose the best offers  for your enjoyment.
    •    Sale of maps, thematic guides, books, postcards, souvenirs, and other services.    
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  • How is the weather in Cuba?
  • The Cuban climate  is tropical, seasonally humid, with maritime influence and  semi-continental. However, other climate  periods are  localized in the mountains systems and in the coasts.
    They are defined periods :  Low-rainfall: from November to April and rainy from May to October. See more.
  • Do I need a visa to go to Cuba?
  • The visitor must have a valid passport or a travel document issued in your name and the corresponding visa or Tourist Card. The countries with which Cuba has free visa agreements are excepted. Tourist Cards can be requested from the Cuban consular offices. Also, at travel agencies and airlines. They are of two types: for individual tourists or for tourists traveling in groups. See more
  • What clothes or other accessories do you recommend for Cuba?
  • Personal belongings are those which, for their nature and quantity, can be reasonably used by the passenger during the trip, taking into account the duration, circumstances and purpose of the trip, as well as the passenger’s profession, activity and characteristics; excluding goods which, for their features, quantity and value, may have a business character or purpose. See more
  • Do I need a health insurance to enter Cuba?
  • From 2010, May 1st on, Cuban authorities demand from travellers who visit the Island a travel insurance policy with medical expenses coverage, as a requirement for entering the country. Travellers can purchase such a policy in their country of residence, prior to their trip, but they can also purchase it at their arrival in Cuba, just at the point of entering. See more
  • What are the official Cuban travel agencies?
  • -    Cubatur Travel Agency   
    -    Havanatur Tour and Travel   
    -    Viajes Cubanacán 
    -    Ecotur 
    -    Gaviota Tours 
    -    Paradiso Cultural Tourism