A get away to nature: Josone Park, Varadero

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Located in Varadero, the Josone Park is an old Neoclassical mansionsurrounded by a diverse orchard built in 1942 by a couple who were the owners of a distillery in Cárdenas.

Josone Park, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.

José and Onelia Iturrioz christened this little paradise by combining their names, and they had many unforgettable times here; him, working locked in his studio, and her, taking care of the gardens and organizing celebrations which many eminent people, especially religious, attended. The mansion passed into Government hands after the Revolution and is currently an open space to the public.

Josone Park, an wonderful natural destination to spend the day with family!

This beautiful spot is comprised of 9 hectares of varied vegetation, going from towering trees to tiny violets. A rowboat ride by the lake located in the center will allow you to admire it in all its glory.

Josone Park, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.

Geese and ostriches prowl through the area, so you will also have the chance to catch sight of some interesting species of animal. The environment is very attractive for young ladies, who regularly go there to celebrate their parties when they turn fifteen. This celebration is highly significant in the life of a young Cuban girl and in other places in Latin America.

Josone Park, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba.

The Josone Park is excellently equipped to spend the day without missing out on anything: in addition to its undoubtable natural charms, it has restaurants, a mini-train and a pool.

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