Cuba reaffirms itself as a safe destination on Cuban Tourism Day

veröffentlicht 2020-11-30 durch Indira Rivero Reyes

Cuba is a safe destination and under that premise it celebrates on November 20 the Cuban Tourism Day, instituted by presidential decree to honor people and institutions that are involved or have links that enable the development of the so-called leisure industry on the Caribbean island.

That date was chosen because on the same day, but in 1959, the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, created the National Institute of the Tourism Industry (INIT) to "promote revolutionary tourism, based on the best values of the human being, on the traditions of the Nation and its people, as well as on the extraordinary natural resources existing in the country."

One of its first campaigns was related to the promotion among locals of the motto "Get to know Cuba first and abroad later," directed at the people who for the first time had access to tourism facilities and natural beauties.

Until today, the Cuban tourism industry guarantees the country one of the most stable and fastest growing foreign currency inflows with a housing fund that currently exceeds 73,000 rooms and which brings together a sector of more than 100,000 workers.

Cuba has 114 tourist centers and its housing potential in the future amounts to 400,000 rooms, though only 17 percent of which is now available.

After the effects of the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and the good management to confront it, the Caribbean island has reopened its borders to international tourism and reaffirms itself as a safe destination, with the implementation of protocols for Health Control in all air terminals and hotel facilities. (María Elena Balán, ACN)

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