The Cuban typical dishes are the result of the mix of Spanish, Africans, aboriginal, Yucatecan and even Asian traditions. The most significant dishes are the Ajiaco, Casabe, Buñuelos, Tamales, Tostones, roasted pork and the Congrí. 

The unique  tropical weather conditions  of the country help  the wealth   of marine products, meat of big and small livestock. You can find also variety of vegetables, legumes, viands and fruits.

The typical national dish is rice, black beans, salad of the season, roast pork or in sauce  and fried plantains. But there are numerous varieties and combinations to please the most demanding palate.
Both in hotels and in the tourist network there are a variety of restaurants specializing in Chinese, Spanish and Italian cuisine.
Along the Island are also the famous "Paladares", restaurants and private cafes that will surely will make you spend some unforgettable moments due to their  exquisite dishes  and the variety of products to taste.

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