Accessories for Traveling to Cuba



Regarding clothing, in your suitcase you should not miss swimsuit and sandals.  Light  colored clothing and light fabrics are recommended for the tropical climate in the Caribbean region. It is also important sun protection accessories: sunglasses, hats and sunscreen.
During the rainy season (May to October) it is advisable to have a light raincoat or water-proof jacket. Although casual clothes (jeans, shorts, shirts, etc) are appropriate in most places, when attending theaters, deluxe restaurants, concert halls, etc, visitors are required to use more formal clothes; a long-sleeve shirt and tie will do, without ruling out the use of a jacket which is not unusual.
It is recommended to always wear cotton dresses and the like. In our short winter (December to March), it's enough to bring a light sweater, especially to travel on an air-conditioned bus.
If you consume any medication or receive a specific medical treatment, it is recommended to take it with you during the trip.
Electric current in Cuba is 110 Volts, 60 Hertz. Generally, there are two flat parallel pins, so you may need an adapter for certain electrical devices.

What can and cannot be imported  

The personal effects are considered ...