FITCuba 2019 ended thrusting the Caribbean tourism

Published on 2019-05-16 by Norlan Echevarria

After a hectic week on meetings and travels concluded the 39th International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2019 in Havana city. Tour operator and travel agents from all over the world showed their interest in Cuba as tourist destination. They were accompanied with hotel managers and journalists from the five continents. Havana city, that will be 500 years next November 16th, was the appropriate scenario for the meeting which had as main subject the travels of Congress, Events and Incentives. Spain was the honor guess at this encounter. Delegations toured not only the Morro Cabaña military-historical complex, place where the fair developed, but also other places such as Pinar del Río province and Varadero resort.

FITCuba 2019 at Morro Cabaña military-historical complex, Havana, Cuba.

Dialogues, negotiations and other contacts marked the raising of the travel industry in Cuba that hope to receive, for the first time, five million of foreign visitors by the end of 2019. Nowadays Cuba counts with 70 thousand hotel rooms and wide variety concerning landscapes and attractions. The country also stands out by its safety and the kindness of its inhabitants. Herein the end of FITCuba 2019 means a new starting point for authorities and counterparts to keep thrusting the upward spiral of Cuban tourism.

FITCuba 2019 at Morro Cabaña military-historical complex, Havana, Cuba.

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