Cuba Wants to be the Caribbean Gate to Chinese Tourist Market

Published on 2019-11-29 by Norlan Echevarria

Cuba wants to be the Caribbean gate to the forthcoming number of Chinese tourists that today look for options of leisure in other countries, asserted Manuel Marrero, the tourist minister of the Caribbean island.

Cuba Wants to be the Caribbean Gate to Chinese Tourist Market

During an interview with Prensa Latina in China, the minister pointed out that the Asian nation has great potential to Cuba despite some hindrances related to distance and connectivity.

China will help Cuba to promote tourism in the island

At about 160 million Chinese tourists travelled worldwide last year and almost 50 thousand of them chose the Caribbean Island, a 10% annual increase.

According to Marrero, new measures are being implemented so as to double this figure on the next two or three years.

Cuban tourime on the chase of Chinise potential

Marrero said that Cuban authorities dialogized with Mexican and Dominican representatives to offer tourist portfolios of several destinations to those that want to travel from China.

He also added that they are seeking for partnership with Chinese enterprises and investigation institutions to develop products that satisfy the millenary nation.

Cuba promotes its destination to the Chinese market

Marrero highlighted that it is necessary to strengthen training to break language barriers being a priority to achieve goals. It will be imperative to Cuba to count with tour guides who speak the language and know the tourist product.

Ctrip Travel Agency

The Greater of the Antilles encourages links with Chinese enterprises on internet, among them Ctrip, the bigger travel agency in the Asia country, and the on line giant of payment, Alipay, so as to foster a smooth interaction and cover travelers’ necessities and expectancies.

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