Cienfuegos, The pearl of the South of Cuba

Published on 2020-03-31 by Norlan Echevarria

Known as the Pearl of the South or the beautiful city of the sea, the city of Cienfuegos occupies a privileged position in the central south of Cuba. With valuable tourist attractions, this is the only city in the country that displays a notable French influence in its furniture and urban layout. It was founded in 1819 by Frenchman Luis D’Clouer and was known as Fernandina de Jagua.

Cienfuegos' historic center, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Cienfuegos’ historic center is the smallest in the Cuban territory and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. The bay of Jagua, one of the city’s greatest tourist treasures, is ideal for the practice of nautical activities and diving due to the beauty of the seabed. It is home to the “Notre Dame” coral reef, the largest in the Caribbean and named for its similarity to the famous French cathedral.

Cienfuegos, the pearl of the south, Cuba

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