Sirena beach is rated by many tourists as an emerald of the Caribbean

Published on 2020-09-22 by Indira Rivero Reyes

A beach of blue and transparent waters and fine sand... an emerald of the Caribbean

Sirena Beach, located in the south of western Cuba in one of its most famous and beautiful keys, Cayo Largo del Sur, is rated by many tourists as an emerald of the Caribbean, a treasure of that island and the most beautiful of all the beaches of the largest of the Antilles.

   It is ideal for nature lovers, because in addition to being able to recreate in its blue and transparent waters, its fine white sands, they can see how turtles come to spawn.

   In an environment of great privacy for the vacationer, where coconut trees stand out, you can enjoy water activities such as diving or snorkeling and see a lovely underwater landscape.

Sirena Beach

 This beach is the largest in the area and faces west, where more than 2 km of fixed sand is protected from waves and wind.

   Sirena Beach is positioned for tourism as one of the most beautiful, accessible and therefore visited regions of Cayo Largo del Sur and among its attractions is an enclosure with dolphins, with which you can play.

   Many tourists choose the option of day trips that depart from Havana or Varadero and enjoy the charms of this place of interest of which there are the most commendable opinions.

Beaches of the Caribbean

   The best way to get to Sirena Beach is by flying an airplane, either from Havana or from Varadero, you can make the reservation from the hotel where you stay or even buy it directly at the airport of Havana.

   Cayo Largo del Sur, where Sirena Beach is located, has a curious history because it is said that Christopher Columbus and the privateer Francis Drake landed there before crossing the Atlantic.

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