Cuba Might Receive New Cruises in 2021

Published on 2020-12-10 by Norlan Echevarria

According to representatives of the tourist sector, the arrival of new cruises to Cuba, limited because of regulations imposed by USA government nowadays, might increase in 2021, when the new administration of the northern country assumes power.

During the International Cruise Summit, event that took place from December 1st to 2nd in Madrid, where Tom McAlpin, Virging Voyages head, declared that the Greater of the Antilles is an important destination within the itinerary of his tourist vessels. “We hope that with a new administration in United States we have the chance to reach this Caribbean destination”. Stated McAlpin, who highlighted the great benefits of docking in the island for his business.

The executive referred that for shipping lines headquartered on the US territory of Florida, Cuba is an ideal destination, because with the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some ports in the region closed their doors to this type of vessels.

Passengers ships and leisure cruises from US territory to the island were suspended by the American government on July 2019. Until that moment, Cuba reaffirmed as favorite destination for cruise travels in the Caribbean region. More than 800 000 visitors arrived on the Caribbean island under this modality in 2018, where operated at about 25 ships from 17 international companies. Some of them well-known worldwide today, such as Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International.

The increasing number of this type of tourism in Cuba was also highlighted by Cruise Critic, leader website on cruise opinion on Internet, that chose, for the first time, Havana as best destination and port in the Western Caribbean as well as the Rivera Maya in 2018.   

Tourist maritime travels have diminished almost to zero as consequence Covid-19 pandemic this 2020. Although, shipping lines have started to resume activities with strict advanced health protocols and with itineraries customized to the current situation these months.

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