Cuba: A multifaceted destination

Published on 2022-02-07 by Indira Rivero Reyes

Cuba is a safe destination, full of cultural, historical and natural treasures.

Cuba is first and foremost a hospitable people: Cuban people are warm, dynamic and creative. Cubans welcome with open arms and share what they have. Smiles are omnipresent and tourists are often surprised by their sense of humor. To this permanent joy is added a great sensuality, especially when they dance.

A cultural destination: the fruit of a history rich in multicultural contributions. Cuba is a melting pot of Spanish, French, Italian, African and Chinese influences. This mixture forged the authenticity of this island and generated talented artists in all fields (music, literature, painting).

This cultural richness allows, year after year, the organization of various cultural events of international prestige such as concerts, festivals and other artistic activities related to music, dance and painting.

An exceptional and varied heritage: Cuba has a rich heritage based, above all, on the magic of the colonial cities: a diversity that testifies to 5 centuries of history. Throughout the country, 272 national monuments, 340 museums and numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites are unmissable for visitors.

A coastal and nautical destination: 3,735 km of coastline and numerous cays offer 345 km of paradisiacal beaches with white sand and warm, translucent waters (225 km to the north and 120 km to the south).

Exceptional seabed: 340 km of coral reef, often close to the coast, the diversity of marine reliefs, submerged caves and the strange and unique forms of corals and aquatic fauna are part of these attractions. These sea beds are home to some 900 species of fish and marine animals, of which the most famous are: shells, turtles, barracudas, groupers, rays and sharks, among others.

A diver's paradise: 525 dive sites grouped in 15 zones offer a wide variety of dives with fascinating wrecks to explore.

A nature destination: Cuba holds wonderful surprises for visitors in love with nature. Far from sun loungers and umbrellas, Cuba is an ideal destination to enjoy a breath of fresh air, hiking in the middle of nature and swimming in crystal-clear waterfalls.

The country has 14 National Parks and 6 Biosphere Reserves, as well as numerous nature reserves. The variety of the Cuban landscape is one of the country's strengths, a complex mosaic of alternating reliefs, plains, swamps and tropical forests.

More than a quarter of the main island is occupied by mountain ranges and nature reserves represent 22% of the national territory.

The island is home to more than 6,300 botanical species, 51% of which are endemic. There are also nesting sea turtles and a great variety of migratory birds that transit between the Antilles and North America.

For speleology enthusiasts, many caves, some of the largest in Latin America (Santo Tomas), offer an exciting vision of the subway universe of the country.

A "Zen" destination: the great development of spas and wellness services allows Cuba to offer a very competitive offer in balneotherapy, massages and beauty treatments. Increasingly, hotel establishments are offering this additional service with modern facilities and quality personnel.

An ideal destination for wedding trips: when clients imagine their wedding trip, many images come to mind: sun, white sandy beaches, swimming in transparent waters, waterfalls, palm trees.... Everything a wedding trip to Cuba has to offer!


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