What to Do in Ciego de Ávila?


Ciego de Avila has a wide cultural heritage available to any visitor. It has several dance companies and theater groups with monthly presentations. In addition to it, has some activities prepared in institutions like museums, libraries, art galleries and cultural centers throughout the entire province. If your thing is to explore, in every hotel in Jardines del Rey there are tourist bureaus in which you can choose a tour, either city tours or by the natural beauties of the region.

Dunas del Pilar

Included in the 25 best beaches in the world, Dunas del Pilar is visited by hundreds of tourists from all over the world and despite this, its natural beauty remains intact. Additionally, its sand dunes catch the attention of visitors. In order to preserve intact these sandy formations from the traffic of the tourists, elevated wooden walkways were built from the hotels to the beach to protect the sand of the Dunes of the Pilar.

Diving and Snorkeling in Jardines del Rey

With more than 20 km of coral reefs with excellent conditions for the observation of colorful fish, Jardines del Rey is characterized by a great natural beauty in its marine ecosystems, so you cannot miss the opportunity to snorkel and buceo

La Trocha

One of the most important military monuments in Latin America is in Ciego de Ávila. This valuable archaeological piece of what was a military line was built from 1869 to 1872 and contained 68 kilometers of forts, moats, barbed wire and casemates guarded by hundreds of soldiers. It was raised to fight for Cuba's independence from the Spanish army. You cannot miss this marvel of history.