Crystalline waters and white sandy beaches are waiting for you.

Published on 2018-04-19 by Rogelio Zaraboso

The Tourism Fair #FITCuba2018, the best opportunity to do business and have fun.  Tourism Fair, #FITCuba2018, from 2-5 May. This year's fair is dedicated to the United Kingdom and the sun and beach category.

Cayo Santa María is an island of 21.4 square kilometers (about 63.8% constitutes land and the rest swamps and submerged lands occupied by mangrove forests) located in the center part  of the Jardines del Rey archipelago (Sabana-Camagüey), in the north central region of Cuba.

Because of its location in the center of the Jardines del Rey, Cayo Santa Maria offers the possibility of sailing east or west, where the visitor will find splendid virgin cays, coral reefs and places of extraordinary beauty for its flora and fauna.

It is internationally known for its natural environment and the existence of numerous high-standard hotels. Together with its similar Ensenachos, Las Brujas, Frances and Cobos, among many others (about 500), it is part of the isle subsystem of Cayos de la Herradura (Horseshoe Keys) of which Santa Maria is the most important biologically and in surface.

It is connected to the island of Cuba together with Las Brujas, Ensenachos, Maja and Español de Adentro in the surroundings of Caibarien by a stone road 48 kilometers long.

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