Cuba can be a good choice to spend your holidays.

Published on 2018-08-09 by Rogelio Zaraboso

#Cuba can be a Paradise on Earth.

Cayo Levisa is located on a small cay at off the northern coast of Pinar del Río province, is surrounded by crystal clear waters which reveal an amazing seabed.


There is a diving center with a specialized boat and equipment for scuba diving. You can make a tour around the coral reef to enjoy the fish and coral diversity found only three meters deep. Hope to see you soon!

Jardines del Rey or Gardens of the King are a chain of islands off the north coast of Cuba. They include Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Romano and Cayo Paredón Grande which are linked to the mainland by a 17 km long artificial causeway, with a road running along it. Governor Diego Velázquez named this archipelago Jardines del Rey (Gardens of the King) in honor of Ferdinand the Catholic, of Spain, in 1514. Hope to see you soon!

Diving in #‎Cuba is an unforgettable experience. An Underwater Beauty is awaiting you. Ocean wildlife along coral reefs, surrounded by exotic colorful fish.  Adventure is awaiting you! We hope to see you there!

Come down to #Cuba and enjoy Pure Sea, Pure Caribbean. Katamaran Seafaris, Snorkeling, Diving, Life on Board, and many more…

Visit #Cuba.

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