Literature in Matanzas

Matanzas literature is characterized by its grammatical clarity and musicality. Many writers and poets stand out who have developed or been inspired by our Matanzas, among them the romantic poet José Jacinto Milanés Fuentes, "the most Cuban of all Cuban poets", a faithful representative of Cuban ideals and one of the vaunted voices of the first romanticism on the island.
Suffice it to mention, in this regard, Heredia, whose fiery muse wandered the bluish peak of the "Pan de Matanzas" and exalted in nostalgic stanzas the treasures of love and friendship that she had here. Plácido, Teurbe Tolón and Otero and Boissier, come to the memory when we evoke the shadows of so many lyrical heroes, in love as they lived, of the eternal harmonies only perceived by those who bring to life the "divine gift".