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Thirteen municipalities make up the province of Camagüey: the capital city, also called Camagüey, in addition to Esmeralda, Florida, Nuevitas, Santa Cruz del Sur, Sibanicú, Guáimaro, Sierra de Cubitas, Minas, Najasa, Vertientes, Jimaguayú and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

The Camagüeyanos are recognized for speaking Spanish according to the cultured norm, a characteristic that differentiates them a little from the rest of the Cubans.

The population of Camagüey surpasses the 780,000 inhabitants. This shows the smaller population density by square kilometer in the country.

The State and Government are represented by the Provincial Assembly of People's Power and the corresponding municipal assemblies. The capital city, due to its extension, is divided into four districts.

The predominant economic sectors are the industrial-agrarian: sugar industry, livestock, food production and mineral exploitation.

Health Services in Camagüey

Regarding health-care services, Camagüey, like the rest of the country, has a primary care program that is internationally recognized. The infant mortality rate recorded in 2019 was 3.9 per thousand live births, lower than 4 for the fourth year in a row. The clinics in the neighborhoods and polyclinics form a primary network complemented with hospitals, maternal homes, dental clinics and other health institutions.

Sports in Camagüey

The sport in Camagüey is distinguished by its contributions to the national teams, highlighting its athletes in the specialties of boxing, wrestling, baseball and volleyball.

The participatory sport has a wide quarry at the base, extending to the neighborhoods and sports schools.

Religion in Camagüey

Catholic religion is the most spread in the province as the result of a strong Hispanic heritage; it does not imply the total absence of other religious forms since migrations brought to Camagüey a wide range of beliefs: evangelicals, Santeria, voodoo practices and all trends of spiritualism; there is also a Jewish community. The visit of Pope John Paul II had a great significance since both believers and skeptics gave His Holiness a warm welcome in January, 1998.

Speech in Camagüey

It should be noted, the persistence of some linguistic modalities, like voseo, which is nothing more than the use of Spanish vos instead of you in the most colloquial intimate treatment. That is one of the characteristics that differentiate the Spanish which is spoken in this region from the rest of the country.

Holidays, Commemoration dates and local festivities in Camagüey

Know what are the holidays in which work activities recess; the national commemoration dates that recall extraordinary historical events and the main local celebrations in Camagüey, Cuba.

•Jan 1: Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution
•May 1: May Day
•Jul 26: National Rebelry Day
•Oct 10: Anniversary of the beginning of the Independence Wars

The following days are declared as holidays: January 2, July 25 and 27; December 25 and 31 of each year. The law may provide for other national commemoration days and holidays.

On national commemoration days and holidays, work activities are recessed with the exception of those related to continuous production process industries and other urgent and inaccessible jobs and labors. This includes transport, hospital and healthcare services, pharmacies, funeral homes and cemeteries; fuel outlets, lodging services, tourist centers, communications and others authorized by law.

Restaurants, cafes, public shows, food trade and other activities related to the preparation and sale of food to the population will remain opened at the time indicated by the respective national organs, agencies and entities. When the days of national commemoration May 1 and October 10 coincide with a Sunday, the Sunday rest is moved to the following Monday.

The following events are officially commemorated each year:

•January 28: Birthday of the National Hero, José Martí
•February 28: Re-start of the Independence Wars
•March 8: International Women´s Day
•March 13: Revolutionary attack to the Presidential Palace
•Abril 16: Militiaman´s Day
•Abril 19: Bay of Pigs Victory
•May 17: Agrarian Reform Day and Peasant Day
•July 30: Fall in combat of Frank País García, Revolution Martyrs Day
•August 12: Popular Victory against the tyranny of Gerardo Machado
•October 6: Day of the State Terrorism Victims
•October 8: Fall in combat of Commander Ernesto Ché Guevara de la Serna, Day of the Heroic guerrilla man
•October 28: Disappearance of Commander Camilo Ciefuegos Gorriarán
•November 27: Shooting to the medicine students by the spanish army, Students Mourning Day
•December 2: Landing of the expeditionary fighters on Granma Yacht, Day of the Revolutionary Armed Forces
•December 7: Fall in combat of Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo Grajales, Day of the combatants fallen in our Independence Wars and the internationalist struggles of our people.

On the days of official commemoration work activities do not cease. Public festive and humorous shows suspend their activities on July 30 and December 7.

Local celebrations:

Camagüey celebrates in a special way on February 2, the anniversary of the foundation of the city, as well as the week between June 24, St. John's Day and June 29, St. Peter's Day, between these two dates are celebrated the parties known as San Juan Camagüeyano, our carnival. Another festival of special significance is the Fiesta del Tinajón, where all the artistic manifestations of the province are revealed.