Architecture of Holguin,Cuba

Culture and history are interwoven in Holguín, forming a perfect dress for its silhouette of more than four centuries, a lapse that defies the avatars of time to become a creditor of a patrimonial framework of its own.

In this way, it stands the eclectic style of the Museum of Natural History Carlos de la Torre, or the San José Church with neoclassical size and the majestic Cathedral of San Isidoro, guarded by a sculpture of Pope John Paul II, in the heart of  Las Flores park .

To the amalgamation of styles is added the emblematic construction of our architecture, the Provincial Museum of History La Periquera, symbol of the city, face that the holguineros offer gently to  visitors while the Calixto Garcia park , center of life, remains surrounded by the Commercial venues. The squares and colonial squares,  nowadays parks, have been the pride of different generations in Holguin and for its historical and urban importance have won for this territory the title that identifies it today, inside and outside Cuba, as the Cuban City of Parks.