Ecotourism in Isla de la Juventud

In the backwoods is the “Big Island of Cuba” and located in a nature privileged zone, you can discover beaches and seabed with coral reefs almost virgin and well conserved.

For Ecotourism in Isla de la Juventud:

Forest Park:

With exotic species of trees from diverse parts pf the world.  Place of legends and magic founded in the beginnings of the XX century.


In the Managed Resourses Protected Area La Cañada you can make this activitie through two options: Los Tinajones (3km in 2 hours with capacity for 20 people) and Entre Pinos y Manacas (3km in 6 hours with capacity for 12 people).

Diving between Punta Pedernales and Punta Francés: 

56 sites that allow to observe coral reefs, gorgonians and sponges, over 20 caves, passages and tunnels, also mogotes and valleys formed for over million years by the continuous work of coral polyps.