Las Terrazas Community was founded on February 28, 1971 and is the sustenance of tourism through the Las Terrazas Complex, which is located in the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve. With the introduction in the area of tourist activity since 1994, the conservation of the built heritage and the insertion of new infrastructures with similar characteristics to those existing are guaranteed.

Las Terrazas is considered the first Eco-Museum of Cuba, national and international reference for other development areas with similar characteristics. It also holds the Conservation Prize awarded by UNESCO and currently has the category of Cultural Landscape. The inhabitants have facilities that unquestionably lead to an increase in their quality of life, constituting one of the fundamental premises of the Sustainable Rural Development model. In Las Terrazas there are about 1014 people grouped in 253 family nuclei. The life expectancy of its inhabitants is 79 years and infant mortality has been zero in the last 10 years. The 45% of the economically active population work in tourism.