Since its beginnings, the Cuban cuisine has been the result of the confluence of factors that allowed the formation of the nationality in the 19th century: the mixture of the Spanish, Aboriginal, African customs and the later influence of Asian and Yucatecan migration.

Among the traditional dishes of this region, we can find “el mollete”, spaghettis Vita Nouva, from San José; “la hayaca” from Quivican, the Jamaca pancake; “la paella” and seafood from Batabanó; El Congo butiffarra and the Roca Azul chicken grillé from Madruga. So, it is compulsory to taste the pina colada cocktail at Peñón del Fraile by foreigners and national visitors.

Inns Along the Road and Cafeterias

El Peñón del Fraile. Address: Vía Blanca km 57, Santa Cruz del Norte, Santa Cruz del Norte. Tel.: (53) 47292321

Bacunayagua. Specialty: Piña Colada. Address: Vía Blanca km 77, Canasí, Santa Cruz del Norte. Teléfono: (53) 47204393 Read more...