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Society in Havana, Cuba


Havana is the most populated city in Cuba, with 212,532 inhabitants and a population density of 2,918.4 per km². It has 15 municipalities, concentrating the attractions and tourist services in 5 of them: Beach, Revolution Square, Centro Habana, Habana del Este and in particular Old Havana, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 for its historical cultural and architectural values. The province has 49 neighborhoods, 329 repartos and 36 population settlements.

Religion in Havana, Cuba 

When we talk about religion in Havana, Cuba, we speak of a mosaic of religious expressions, with practicing Catholics, Hebrew and Judaic communities, the mystic of Chinese societies; the popular Spiritism, astrology and the Zodiac, but the Rule of Ocha is the most widespread, what we call santeria, in which there is a syncretic assimilation, by homologation, between catholic saints and African divinities.

Havana is, at the same time, the province with the highest academic degree according to the census made in the year 2012, with 11, 02 degrees on average.

Health Services in Havana 

With 20,668 doctors, Havana has a high level of health coverage, with a ratio of 102 inhabitants for each doctor. Of these, 2,409 work directly in the community. Havana has 259 health units, including 34 hospitals, 82 polyclinics, 20 dental clinics, 19 maternal homes, 33 nursing homes and 36 elderly care homes.

Cultural Spaces in Havana

The spaces for cultural activity in Havana are diverse; It has 21 cinema theaters, 34 video rooms, 52 museums, 25 libraries, 52 bookstores, 11 theaters, 22 theatres, 34 cultural houses, 4 trova houses and 35 art galleries.