Practical Information

  • The government of Cuba requires a Travel Insurance with coverage for medical expenses and validity during your stay.  

  •  All the travelers that travel to Cuba from the outside and also Cubans that live in other countries are obligated to have a Medical Insurance that cover their medical expenses in case of sickness or accidents during their stay in the country.

  • Most of the hotels have 24-hour medical services with doctors and nurses.

  • To pay in Cuba you can do it through the MLC prepaid cards, which are purchased in the CADECA network of offices, airports, hotels and ports; in the currencies quoted by CADECA: Canadian dollar, pound sterling, Swiss franc, Japanese yen, Mexican peso and euro for values ​​of 50,100, 200, 500 and 1000. VISA or MASTERCARD cards not issued by institutions or banks in the United States are also authorized. States or offices of these institutions in other countries

  • Once you’re leaving Cuba, you’ll find banks and CADECA’s in the airport where you can change your CUP for your original currency. 

  • The tourist card or tourist visa is necessary to enter Cuba. 

  • The clothes must be light. It is advisable to dress cotton fabrics, t-shirts, shorts and preferably sandals. For winter, which is more like a light summer, we advise using a light sweater. Avoid synthetic clothes. Don’t forget the sunglasses, bathing suit and a sunblock, because Cuba is an eternal summer.

  • If you’re thinking about attending any theatrical play, eat at a restaurant or just going to a movie theater, you must know that the entrance to these places wearing shorts and short sleeve t-shirts if forbidden. In some of these places you cannot wear sandals either.