Diving in Cuba, an unforgettable experience

Publicado el 2019-07-09 por Norlan Echevarria

An Underwater Beauty is awaiting you. Ocean wildlife along coral reefs, surrounded by exotic colorful fish. The  diving boats in Cuba are equipped with the necessary comfort, and the  crews have enough experience to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Coral reef of Cuba, a wonderful experience you have to live.

Diving in Cuba can be a wonderful experience. A  water temperature between 24˚C and 28.5˚C  (75.2˚ and 83.3˚ F), an average horizontal visibility of  30 meters (98 feet) and a diverse, well preserve flora and fauna, one of the bests in the Caribbean.

Diving in the coasts of Cuba a not-to-be-forgotten adventure.

There is a diving center with a specialized boat and equipment for scuba diving. You can make a tour around the coral reef to enjoy the fish and coral diversity found only three meters deep.

Enjoy the richness of Cuba's seawater life.

The Northern Cays of Villa Clara have a singular attractiveness and it is considered a great place for diving and nautical activities due to its virgin beaches, protected by beautiful coral formations.

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