Guardalavaca, one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba

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Located in the municipality of Banes, Guardalavaca is the third Cuban tourist point. It is one of the first ports discovered by Columbus and he fell in love with it. Place of refuge for corsairs and pirates. One of the legends explaining the name of the territory is related to this activity. 

Colombus statue, Guardalavaca, Holguín, Cuba.

The area of Guardalavaca was an unknown place until the end of the 20th century, in the 90s, when it was quickly developed due to the creation of great touristic complexes in the area.

Guardalavaca Resorts, Holguín, Cuba.

During your stay in Guardalavaca you will have the chance of going on a trip to discover the encloses with the greatest natural, historical and cultural value, where you can arrive to the archeological museum, the taína village or the same Gibara.

Guardalavaca Beach Resort, Holguín, Cuba.

Guardalavaca Beach is characterized by its shell shape and its fine white sand which extends until it goes into the crystalline waters. Up North, the beautiful beach is closed by a coral reef which imposes tranquility to its waters, while the Southern part is occupied by green thick vegetation.

Guardalavaca Beach Resort, Holguín, Cuba.

Among the most outstanding activities you can practice in these area you can find calmly sunbathing, or aquatic sports such as windsurfing, diving, kayaking and boat tours, among others.

Guardalavaca Beach Resort, Holguín, Cuba.

Do not miss the chance of visiting one of the most beautiful areas in Cuba.

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