Cienfuegos actors and the cuban cinema

Cinema in Cuba throughout its history has been nurtured and enriched with the work of Cienfuegueros filmmakers of national and international renown, among which we can mention:

Aida Conde (August 3, 1932, January 15, 2009) participated in the films: Lucía (directed by Humberto Solás), La primer carga al machete (directed by Manuel Octavio Gómez) and A Cuban Fight Against Demons (from Tomás Gutiérrez Alea).

Jorge Villazón (March 31, 1947, March 2, 1994). She participated in the films: 1982 - Techo de Vidrio - Dir. Sergio Giral, 1986 - Plácido - Dir. Sergio Giral., Another woman Dir. Daniel Díaz Torres

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