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Events and Festivals in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Another way to approach the culture and history of a site is getting to know and participating in its events and festivals. So, we provide you with all the information about the most important events in Cienfuegos:

Casa de las Américas Literary Award.

Date: January.
Frequency: Annual.
Sponsor: Programa Martiano Office.
Headquarters: Palacio de las Convenciones, Cienfuegos.
Organizing team: Dr Armando Hart, Héctor Hernández Pardo, and Sub-director General of the Programa Martiano Office.
Phone number:  (53-7) 8339818 / 8382233 / 8382297 / 8382298 / 8304493

Festival of the Latin American Monlogue.

Date: February

Frequency: Biennial

Sponsor: Consejo Provincial de las Artes Escénicas (Provincial Council of Performing Arts) and Tomás Terry Theater.

Headquarters: Teatro Tomás Terry.

Mailing address: Consejo Provincial de las Artes Escénicas, 2706, 52nd avenue between 27th and 29th streets, Cienfuegos. Tomas Terry Theater, 2701, 56th avenue between 27th and 29th streets. Cienfuegos.

Phone number: CPAE: (53) 43516977. Tomas Terry Theater: (53) 43513361

Contact data:


Workshop of Museology in the Mountain.

Date: March.
Frequency: Annual
Sponsor: Provincial Center of Cultural Heritage in Cienfuegos, Ethno-Historic Mountain Museum, and Municipal Museum of Cumanayagua.
Headquarters: Ethno-Historic Mountain Museum and Integral Artistic Group of Mountain “Escambray”.
Phone number: (53) 43525424
E-Mail: and

Scope: International.

International Book Fair.

Date: March.
Frequency: Annual
Scope: International.

Stamps Fair.

Date: April.

Frequency: Annual

Sponsor: Provincial Council of Plastic Arts.

Headquarters: Galleries and exhibition rooms in the city.

Telephones: (53) 4355 0676, (53) 4355 0624


Scope: International.


Edgardo Martin Guitar Festival

Date: April 15 to 18

Contact Information: Provincial Music Company rafael Lay. Ave 58 / 33 and 35

Coordinator: Ariadna Cuellar Pérez


Working day for the Cienfuegos Culture

Date: April 22-28

Contact Information: Municipal Culture Office. calle 39 / 56 y 58

Telephone:43 55 2475





National Meeting of Trova singers "Al Sur de mi Mochila".

Date: April.

Frequency: Annual

Sponsors: Asociación Hermanos Saíz and Casa del Joven Creator.

Headquarters: House of the Young Creator and Gardens of the UNEAC.

Telephones: (53) 4351 7120


Scope: National.


Workshop of Intangible Heritage.

Date: May

Frequency: Annual

Sponsorship: Provincial Center of Cultural Heritage in Cienfuegos (CPPC), Fortress Museum “Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Jagua”.

Headquarters: Fortress Museum “Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Jagua”.

Postal Address: Provincial Center of Cultural Heritage, 2702, 54th avenue between 27th and 29th, Cienfuegos. Fortress Museum “Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Jagua”, Community Castillo de Jagua, Cienfuegos.

Telephone: CPPC: (53) 43525424.

Fortress Museum: (53)43965402


Narrative Workshop.

Date: October.

Frequency: Annual

Sponsor: Subsidiary in Cienfuegos of the National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC).


Scope: International.


Benny More Festival.

Date: December

Frequency: Annual

Sponsors: The House of Benny and the Provincial Headquarter of Culture in Cienfuegos.

Organizing Committee: Augusto Enríquez.

Headquarters: Cienfuegos and Santa Isabel de las Lajas.

Telephones: (53) 8368865/ (53)52644981 (mobile) / 43 511879

E-Mail: /

Tour operator: Paradiso.

Scope: International.


Poetry National Contest “Reina del Mar”.

Date: November

Frequency: Annual

Scope: International.

Provincial Meeting of Literary Workshops.

Date: November

Frequency: Annual

Sponsorship: Provincial Center of Culture Houses in Cienfuegos.

Phones: (53) 43517421


Scope: International.


International Workshop ¨Presencia de Paulo Freire¨.

Frequency: Biennial

Location: Punta las Cuevas Hotel

Sponsor: CUBATUR

Contact information: Dr. Mariano A. Isla Guerra

Phone: 53072025478- 5343519745

Email: /

Tour operator: Cubatur, Amistur and Paradiso

Scope: International.


XV Rokasol 2019

Date: Septembre 12 to 15

Contact information:Hermanos Saiz Association.AHS

Telephone: 43 517120




Date: December.

Frequency: Annual

Scope: International.