Tourist information for Cuba in Cienfuegos

Tourism information offices in  Cienfuegos


The Tourist Information Centers in Cienfuegos (INFOTUR) are in charge of providing information to potential and real tourists who wish to visit or know a certain place, in order to facilitate their decision, reduce risks of negative experiences, positively influencing the image of the destination They are public and non-profit, managed by the MINTUR Territorial Delegation in Cienfuegos.

They are located in places of concentration of people, the varied information they offer is supported by maps, guide maps, tourist guides, brochures, etc.

Below we provide their location:

  • 56  Avenue/ 31 & 33. Phone: 43 514653. E-mail:
  • 54 Avenue / 29 & 31. Phone: 43 558840
  • 49 Street / 56 & 58
  • Jaime Gonzalez International Airport. Highway to Caonao. Km 3.