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Cienfuegos Music

The figure of Benny More doubtlessly marks the Cienfuegos musical scene. This natural exponent of the Cuban Son, is very important for Cuba’s culture.  There´s also Iznaga, songwriter also known as “El Jilguero”

Another of the most important performers in Cienfuegos is the group “Septeto Los Naranjos,” which, through its existence has kept promoting “boleros” and traditional “sones”. “Orquesta Aragon,” the violinist and composer Rafael Lay among others, are part of the great number of virtuous Cienfuegueros musicians.

Nowadays, the music of Cienfuegos got their own chorus, instrumental bands In different municipalities, and popular music orchestras. Some Important festivals as “Benny More”, and the “Alternative Music” take place every year, with the participation of artists from different latitudes. There´s a “Provincial Music Center” that puts together different exponents of this manifestation.