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Nautical Activities in Cienfuegos, Cuba


In our city one of the most popular nautical activities are the boating on the bay, which you can book through our travel agencies (See Useful Information) or directly to the Marina Marlin located 2 km from the city on Calle 35 / 6 and 8 Punta Gorda. Phone: 43551620. E-mail:

Boating on the Bay of the City of Cienfuegos


Diving & Snorkeling in Cienfuegos

Diving and Snorkeling are other of the nautical activities in Cienfuegos, at the Rancho Luna beach, more than 30 points of immersion await your visit.

Dive in the southern coast of Cienfuegos in practicing this sport in one of the most beautiful places in Cuba. Caves, labyrinths, vertical walls, more than 10 sunken ships, all framed between the mysteries and whims of the coral formations full of tropical species and a paradise of submarine photography.

On the zone we have secure diving all year long due to its meteorological and oceanographic conditions, in great transparency of the clean waters that contribute the current of the gulf, allowing a very advantageous visibility.

The temperature of the water is generally high (between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius), with very few cold days (between 14 and 17 degrees Celsius), during the December-February season.

The platform of Cienfuegos coast, like almost all of Cuba, is narrow, a few hundred meters from the beach, reaching great depths, practicing diving between 6 and 40 meters, approaching the abysmal vertical drop.

In addition to the large number of sponges, gorgonians, flora and fauna in general, a special motive is the sunken ships, which because of the position and conditions allow the diver to practice the underwater sport without risks of any kind, as well as wrecks of all the eras that are seen in the funds bordering the coast and also inside the bay.

The prevailing currents and temperature are important indicators for the development of different life forms, which allow us to have the largest specimen of column coral (Dendroggyra cilindrus) reported in Latin America. Many divers know it as "Notre Dame" Or "Lady of the Caribbean", for its remarkable majesty and beauty.