What to Do in Cienfuegos, Cuba


Walking around the Cienfuegos boardwalk, visiting the Dolphinarium, taking tours in the Historic Centre, nautical activities in the bay, diving and snorkeling in Rancho Luna, the array of options and things to do in Cienfuegos, Cuba is wide and generous. Discover the best of the Pearl of the South or the Lovely City of the Sea and make your trips to Cienfuegos an unforgettable experience.

Sun & Beach

Whether you visit the beach of Rancho Luna, the Cienfuegos Dolphinarium or the Cienfuegos Bay, the province will always offer you the best options for you to fill your days with sun, sand and sea.


Cienfuegos presents a very interesting cultural calendar all year long, with live music, plays, galleries, cabarets, movie theaters, bookstores and museums like Provincial Museum of Cienfuegos.


Enjoy from city tours in the Historic Centre of Cienfuegos, visits to the Botanic Garden, the Dolphinarium and the Tobacco Factory to Jeep tours in the El Nicho Natural Park.