Sun and Beaches in Las Tunas, Cuba


What does the north coast of Las Tunas offer?

The province of Las Tunas can be proud of its 36 excellent beaches of soft sand and an exquisite transparency where the different tones in the water range from the brightest blue to the dark green.On the northern coast of Las Tunas there are the most popular ones that stand out for their beauty and easy access: Covarrubias, La Llanita, La Herradura, La Boca, Corella and Punta de Tomate. However, if you are an adventurer, we suggest visiting the lesser-known beaches of Las Tunas, such as Las Azules or Playa Los Lirios.

Covarrubias Beach

Covarrubias Beach Las Tunas Cuba Travel

But without a doubt it Covarrubias Beach the best option to enter the blue green of its 10 km of shallow waters. The place is ideal for the vacationer looking for secluded and paradisiacal places. For this purpose, it has an All Inclusive hotel and other services. As part of the options offered by Covarrubias, there is diving. At a distance of 1.5 km from the coast, lies the coral barrier of 6 km in length where you can see different coral formations, caves, cracks with good visibility, colonies of black coral, sea fans and sponges. In addition, there are 36 dip points where you can practice several nautical activities  .At a depth of between 10 and 28 m, remains of boats from the era of corsairs and pirates rest in its mixed backgrounds.