Culture in Las Tunas, Cuba

The culture of Las Tunas, Cuba stands out for its diversity. Country of poets, painters and sculptors, Las Tunas has excelled in almost all arts with authenticity and overflows far from commercial values to give true forms of art. Perhaps because in this territory life passes with the peaceful calm that the big cities have left behind, and the local culture is part of daily life and not the subject of great presentations. In this way, the sculptures were nested in the surroundings of the capital. The countryside also affirms its place and rural art in the form of tenths transcends time. Today we have incomparable personalities, events and institutions that exalt Las Tunas art.

Cultural Events in Las Tunas

Cucalambean Day

The Cucalambeana Day is an important cultural event in Cuba. It is held every year at the end of June, and its venue is the Finca El Cornito, the birthplace of Juan Cristóbal Nápoles and Fajardo (El Cucalambé), a decimist par excellence. Improvisation, peasant games, typical food, dances and music, crafts, landscapes and much more you can find in this Supreme Party. It is the moment to discover the traditions and the way of life of the Cuban peasant, appreciate the poetry, admire the costumes and be fascinated with the great pleasure that is the Cucalambeana.

Amphora Magic Festival

Las Tunas propitiates the only festival of its kind in the country and in Latin America. An exceptional opportunity to marvel at an enchantment that is not just fairy tales. It includes theoretical events, competition and other work in theaters and communities. It takes place in the month of November. Space for the confrontation of maximum representatives of magic.