Festivals and Events in Las Tunas

Several events will be held in 2023 in Las Tunas, some with an international character. All the information you need to participate, calls and more in this section. Here are the main events of the Balcony of the Cuban East.

Cucalambeana Day in Las Tunas

Cucalambean Day Las Tunas Cuba

The Cucalambeana Day, from June 28 to 2, 2023, is the main cultural event in Las Tunas. The typical guateque, a large gathering whose fundamental motivation is commemorative, is held around each anniversary of the birth of El Cucalambé, on July 1, with the aim of paying tribute to him and revitalizing knowledge of the work of whoever was the quintessential decimist in the 19th century.

The Cucalambeana Day is a living expression of artistic creation and sociocultural life in rural areas. Highly significant due to the quality and the power of convocation achieved, it has managed to articulate in a harmonious way the spiritual expressions rooted in the Cuban peasantry and the different elements of material culture. Although this event was born as a tribute to the most outstanding poet and improv artist of 19th century Cuba, Juan Cristóbal Nápoles y Fajardo (el Cucalambé); every year it is dedicated to relevant personalities of Cuban culture.

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Las Tunas Culture Official Site www.tunet.cult.cu

Ánfora Magic Festival

International Magic Amphora Festival Las Tunas Cuba Travel

Las Tunas propitiates the only festival of its kind in the country and in Latin America. This year it will take place from November 16 to 20, 2023. An exceptional opportunity to be amazed by an enchantment that is not only from fairy tales.

It includes theoretical events, competition and other work in theaters and communities. It takes place in the month of November. Space for the confrontation of maximum representatives of magic.

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Las Tunas Culture Official Site www.tunet.cult.cu