Health Services in Las Tunas,Cuba

Did you know that you can access elective health procedures in Las Tunas? Las Tunas Medical Services branch guarantees quality assistance and offers options to meet your medical needs. This branch markets and manages a variety of medical services for external clients. We will tell you about the health institutions and some of the services that are provided in the Balcony of Cuban Eastern, but first know the contact of the Branch. 

Las Tunas Medical Services Branch

Address:Evelio Velázquez street # 60, Sosa district. Las Tunas
Phone: (+53) 31333068/ (+53) 31333067
Hours: 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM
                 alternate Saturdays: from 8:00AM- 1:00PM

The undergraduate and postgraduate studies, international courses and scientific events stand out for their quality.


Medical Services in Las Tunas, Cuba

In Las Tunas there are two rooms for international medical care:

The Guevara Hospital offers you an International Medical Attention Room and the Guillermo Domínguez Hospital of Puerto Padre has another.

The Room of the HospitalDr. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna was created in 2014. From there, foreign clients can access all the services provided by the hospital. Here patients who need urgent care are received and advanced technology diagnostic means are used.

If you need to enter this room, know that it has all the comforts and privacy to make your stay comfortable and carefree. Each room has a separate bathroom and pantry. It also has facilities for a companion.

International Medical Care Rooms, Las Tunas, Cuba