How to get to Las Tunas, Cuba

Transportation in Las Tunas, Cuba

Before your trip to Las Tunas, find out about the new Sanitary Requirements to enter the country.

         Tourist Visa is extended

As of November 1 of this year, the validity of the Tourist Visa is extended to 90 days of stay in the national territory, extendable (only once) for 90 days.

Today this measure only applies to the Canadian market but it will be extended to all foreign visitors.

If you wish to have information for your trip to Cuba, we recommend the Travelers Manual.

You can get to Las Tunas a province that is 657 kilometers from Havana, by road through the Viazul and Conectando Cuba bus transportation system. Viazul, with an office in the bus terminal, has a 24-hour schedule where you can reserve for any of the routes of this service. The Conectando Cuba is reserved through the Cubanacán Travel Agency.

If the visitor wishes to rent a car, they will be able to travel more independently and with greater comfort. In Las Tunas you can access this service, as well as roadside assistance if necessary.Car rental in  Las Tunas is offered through Transtur and Vía, in the link all the information: Rental Offices in Las Tunas.