Trinidad is a destination that stands put for its natural beauty and an intact architecture of the golden Cuban era, but it’s certainly distinctive for its culture, both tangible and intangible. A clear element of this is the great natural and archaeological reserve of the sugar industry of the nineteenth century, whose production made this city the most prosperous of Cuba.

Historical Center of Trinidad

This historical center is a World Cultural Heritage, declared by UNESCO in 1988, next to the impressive Valley of the Ingenios. For its magic and beautiful majesty united to its excellent concervation of its architecture is also well-known like the City stopped in Time.

Biosphere Reserves: Caguane

For those who love the adventure in all its variants we have many options in this ecosystem of international importance, we visit the Path "Wonders that treasures Caguanes", also makes a Nautical tour to "The Cays of Stone" and the birdlife is observed in The Caguanes National Park.

Marlin Marine

Be part in our varied nautical activities organized by the Marlin Marine in which you can be the main protagonist, from a small dive to discover the impressive seabed, to the most impressive and beautiful sunset.