Movie Theaters in Granma, Cuba

The first reference found about exhibitions of films in Bayamo, Granma is around 1910 in the ruins of Teatro San José (Old San José Church), in the current street José Antonio Saco, corner to Donato Mármol, where the offices of the Provincial Archives are located. Films were shown in traveling movie tents, an ingenious modality of cinematic exhibition, very fashionable in that time, which went village to village, taking the magic of cinematography to the most remote places. 

Later, in 1912, the first adapted venue appeared: Salon Teatro Oriente, which Works until 1918 and was located in the current Jose Antonio Saco Street, between General García and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, where today there is a dining room of Poder Popular. 

Subsequently, important facilities of cinematographic arose in the city, antecedents in some cases of the present cinemas. They had the peculiarity of being cinemas-theaters, which combined film exhibitions, theater plays and varied artistic performances.