Bayamo City


Granma´s most important city is its capital, Bayamo, the second settlement established by the Spanish colonizers in 1513, declared a National Monument in 1935 and known as the Cradle of Cuban National Identity. Bayamo is the place where the National Anthem of Cuba was created and had a leading role in the independence struggles. Bayamo has a rich and original culinary tradition where dishes are abundant from the cativia of yucca and corn. This city reached a remarkable prosperity due to the active trade of rescue and contraband, it is said that the greatest fortunes of the country were amassed in Bayamo, the capture of the Bishop of the island Don Cabezas y Altamirano, to accounts of the pirate Gilberto Girón and his Later rescue by Salvador Golomón inspired the first literary work of Cuba: Espejo de Paciencia. Bayamo is known by other names such as Ciudad Antorcha (City of Torches) and Ciudad de los Coches (City of Carriages). The first name because during the first war of independence, the city was liberated, its inhabitants decided to set it on fire before being trampled again by the Spanish executioner; The title of City of Carriages, is because since the nineteenth century the main means of transport are the traditional cars pulled on horseback. Currently, there is celebrated every year the Fiesta de la Cubanía, an event that enhances Cuban culture and traditions.