Traditions and Customs in Granma

The province of Granma is known as the cradle of Cuban nationality. It preserves a rich historical and cultural heritage, evident in traditions such as; carriages thrown by horses in Bayamo, the provincial capital, or the famous oriental organ in Manzanillo and Niquiro. The celebration of San Juan Bautista every June 24, mainly in the mountainous municipalities of Guisa and Buey Arriba and in the city of Bayamo. In the latter, people go in procession to the river, there, collective pots are organized where an ajiaco is prepared, as well as, fried fish with sweet potatoes.

The habit of giving coffee to the visitors is very much alive, as well as, the preparation of the aliñao when the woman gets pregnant to entertain the friends who are going to meet the newborn child.

One of the most picturesque traditions is the ride on carriages thrown by horses of the fifteen-year-old girls through the city. She dressed in a queen costume, but dancing a shrill and contagious conga, which is performed from a nearby carriage that makes up the procession.