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Nature of Granma, Cuba


For a true lover of nature, Granma province would be an exquisite cocktail of natural landscapes where the flavor of history perfectly matches with a touch of originality and exuberance. This region has the most important mountain mass in the country, the longest river, plains and wetlands, cave systems, a botanical garden and national parks with global recognition ... and in the historical dimension the territory has been the main scenario in all wars of national liberation, which began on October 10, 1868, until the revolutionary triumph on January 1, 1959. It was also the scene of the torture of Chief Hatuey, our first rebel; and of the events that gave rise to the first Cuban literary work. On top of that, Bayamo, the most important city, was the first Capital of the Republic in Arms and the second town founded by Diego Velázquez; its premises were the first to hear the national anthem of the Cubans ... but this is just a HINT of the immense natural historical potential that treasures our region. Are you convinced? I invite you to make an excursion through some of the most remarkable places of the territory.

Venturing to the conquest of the top of Sierra Maestra, it would be advisable and pleasant to spend the night in the rustic camp of Aguada de Joaquín, just three hours from the Pico Real Turquino. One night will allow the visitor to exchange with a climate that conditions a fauna and vegetation without comparison in the country: the cloudy forests of Turquino.Read More...